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Our Grandest Mother (Mary, Mum, Granny Mary, etc.) has just celebrated her 90th (yes 90th!) birthday and the pics of the event have been uploaded.

Let’s all raise a glass of the finest in tribute to the very grandest - nice one Mum!

And a great day was had by all and Big Thanks from Gran and everyone to her eldest Angie for managing the near impossible and ensuring the event was a success.

Big thanks also to all those who attended. The picture above is a rare sight and one to be treasured for sure. From the left...Jodie, Angie, Bex, Molz, Mick, Lizzie, The Grand Mother (Mary), Chris, Lophie and David. All striking a natural pose (not).

Other news... David and Bex back from Kerala, India with pics worth a peek.

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